Author: Steve Stanton

Steve Stanton’s ?short fiction has been published in twelve countries, including translations into Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Romanian. His writing regularly appears in Rampike, On Spec, Neo-opsis, Tesseracts, Zymergy, Divine Realms, The Standing Stone, Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature, Poet’s Gallery, BrightRedLife, ChristianWeek, Green’s Magazine, Adventure Magazine, Canadian Writer’s Journal, Mindflights, Pandora, Gateway SF, The Sword Review, Churchyard, Searching Souls, The Obligatory Sin, Christian Communicator, Dragons, Knights and Angels, and Chaos Theory. He currently serves as the vice-president of SF Canada, the bilingual organization of science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers. Stanton lives in Washago, Ontario.


Reconciliation - The Bloodlight Chronicles

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  • Number: 9781550229547
  • Release: 2010-10-01
  • Author: Steve Stanton
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Ecw Press
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Despite its futuristic technical trappings, enduring family bonds are at the core of this riveting techno-thriller. An alien virus that prolongs life has infected a couple, Zakariah and Mia Davis, and made their blood a valuable black-market staple due to its rejuvenating effects. The “eternal virus” has not affected their son Rix, and Zakariah is consumed with the search for an active sample to inoculate the teenager against mortality. To succeed, Zakariah surgically wired his brain for the global computer network, a virtual cyber-economy controlled by avatars. Busted for transporting grain without a permit and on the run from the government and the Eternal Research Institute, Zakariah must travel off-planet through a commercial wormhole alongside his new business partner and surgical cyber-twin, Helena Sharp, who is seeking the source of immortality for her own purposes. In the Cromeus colonies, on the other side of time and space, Zakariah will risk everything to give his son eternal life.