Author: Steve Sorenson

Steve lives with his wife and two sons in Minneapolis. He is a stay-at home dad, self-employed as a home inspector. Steve loves writing, woodworking, good coffee, and good beer.


In The Key of Silence

In The Key of Silence
  • Number: B006CQAXZS
  • Release: 2011-11-22
  • Author: Steve Sorenson
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Independently Published
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They mocked him. In the hallways they harassed him. His own father called him a 'faggy, wuss of a son' because Eli loved music and things of beauty. His mother nurtured the artistic side of Eli but never protected him from the onslaughts of abuse from the world around him. Then, following a brutal tragedy, Eli is robbed of his voice.

In a filthy alley, with prodigy-like skill, Eli learned to speak for himself with his clarinet. There and in the streets, Eli produced musical magic.

When this talented street performer is discovered by a classically-trained orchestra, Eli turns it into his own symphony of madness. But to find love and purpose in the midst of that madness, Eli must overcome his greatest enemy:


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