Author: Stephen Fishman J.D.

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Working for Yourself - Law & Taxes for Independent Contractors, Freelancers & Consultants

Working for Yourself
  • Number: 9781413313314
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Stephen Fishman J.D.
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Non-fiction, Business
  • Publisher: NOLO
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Be your own boss -- easily, efficiently and successfully -- with this bestseller!

Whether you're an independent contractor, freelancer, or consultant, it all adds up to the same thing: You need to be more aware of laws and taxes than the average person.

Fortunately, Working for Yourself provides all the information you need to stay on top of it all. An independent contractor himself, Stephen Fishman shows you everything you need to know to:

  • meet business start-up requirements
  • pick a business structure
  • set up home or outside offices
  • obtain permits and licenses
  • price your services or products
  • comply with strict IRS rules
  • establish sound business relationships
  • avoid unfair contracts
  • draft good agreements
  • keep good records
  • get paid in full and on time
  • and much, much more

    This edition is completely revised to provide the up-to-date information you need, including the most current tax rates and changes in the law.

    Whether you already work for yourself or are thinking about making the move, Working for Yourself will help make sure you do it right.

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