Author: Sheryn Hara

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Self-Publishing Successfully

Self-Publishing Successfully
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  • Number: 9781937454500
  • Release: 2013-02-01
  • Author: Sheryn Hara
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Publishing: Writing & Publishing
  • Publisher: Book Publishers Network
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Are you a writer yearning to see your book among the top bestsellers?

Do you dream of someday seeing your name on the big screen following the words "based on a book by..."?

Is writing a book something you have on your "bucket list"?

These may seem like lofty images--especially if your ideas are still brain-bound and you've yet to put pen to paper or log on to your computer. Or perhaps your manuscript is done and it's buried beneath a pile of rejection slips sent from random traditional publishers. Independent Publisher Sheryn Hara says, "take heart." Your chances of getting published will make a giant leap if you follow the important guidelines presented in Self-Publish Successfully. Covering everything from writing and editing to distribution, marketing and promotion, Hara shares the do's and don'ts of the current publishing world, and features a chapter on the latest technology available to today's writers and readers.

Benefits of self-publishing:

-You don't have to wait months--or even years--for a response from a publisher

-You maintain total control over content, cover design, publicity and more

-You can promote your book as long as you're alive--and perhaps beyond

Real-life success stories from the archives of Hara's 30-year old company Book Publishers Network include the memoirs of Black Angus restaurateur Stuart Anderson, Ed Nixon, brother of the 37th U.S. president, and actor/philanthropist Hugh O' Brian. An entertaining and educational read for any nonfiction or fictional writer.