Author: Sheryl Hames Torres

Sheryl Hames Torres started making up stories as a girl to keep her five younger siblings entertained. She started writing them down to keep the voices in her head from having her committed. Vibrant settings and dashing heroes soon turned into real life when her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where she met and married her very own Prince Charming and learned that sometimes reality is the fairytale. Now, after nearly thirty-three years, she and Mark have reared two wonderful children: a daughter, who will graduate next spring with her third degree in English, Writing and Publishing and Art/Graphic Design, and the son-of-many-talents, a musician and self-taught composer, dancer and automotive marvel. With a house filled with music and beautiful creations, lots of shedding fur from a ferociously friendly dog and a temperamental cat who thinks HE rules the roost, Sher lives out her fairytale every day. The Torres' make their home in Northeast Georgia within a half hour of her parents and three of those five siblings, where she divides her time between her family and friends, writing, restoring antique needlework.

And daydreaming...



  • Number: B00YM4T998
  • Release: 2015-05-31
  • Author: Sheryl Hames Torres
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc
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Seventeen years ago, Lily had the perfect life -- loving parents and grandparents, a best friend and a boy she thought loved her. An explosion and a disastrous decision blew it all away.

She endures her estranged husband's brutality in order to protect her six children and paraplegic grandmother, hiding her bruises and terror as best she can. Her family will be safe, even if it means shrinking their world into a very small space.

Alex has been trying to figure Lily out since he returned to town. His teaching job has not only allowed him to get to know her kids as he floats from school to school teaching them music, it's given him a reason to reconnect with Lily.

However, the new persona he created is all she sees. In her eyes, the boy he was has ceased to exist. Will Alex's love save or destroy her family?

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