Author: Shelley Singer

I'm the author of 13 published novels. The most recent, originally published as Blackjack by Lee Singer and published in hardcover and audiobook, has just been released from BooksBNimble, as Torch Song, first book in the Blackjack trilogy, by Shelley Singer. It stars Rica Marin, spy, torch singer, and mercenary in the dangerous Balkanized world of 2066.

I've recently completed a novelized memoir titled The Pepsi Cola 9th Street Grocery and have started writing the second book in the Blackjack trilogy, as yet untitled. The six earlier books in the Samson series are either available or in production as ebooks. Unlicensed iconoclast Jake Samson and his pal Rosie are PIs in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the four books in my Barrett Lake series, Interview with Mattie, was nominated for a prestigious Shamus award.

I've taught fiction writing and worked one on one with writers as a manuscript consultant on nonfiction, literary novels and in every genre from memoir to mystery to science fiction to horror. Several clients and students have gone on to become published authors. I've been cited in the acknowledgments or dedications of several published books, including a number of award-winners. Recently, a student called me "insanely meticulous"--and meant it as a compliment. I think.

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and began my working life as a reporter with UPI in Chicago. During a checkered and mercifully brief journalism career, I met many famous people, at least two of whom were murdered, and many not-so-famous who are still alive.

I have done too many things for a living.


Torch Song - The Blackjack Trilogy, #1

Torch Song
  • 3 Stars
  • Number: B00IGK6UNW
  • Release: 2014-02-14
  • Author: Shelley Singer
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: booksBnimble
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Fans of Lisbeth Salander of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games will love Rica Marin, a new kickass, gunslinging heroine.


Rica Marin’s a mercenary—a hired gun, soldier, and spy who answers only to whoever can keep her in the meds she and her only living relative need to survive the plagues that scourge the earth after biological warfare’s wiped out pretty much everything.

It’s a strange world that’s left—composed of tiny city-states like Redwood, Sierra, and Rocky—run with a variety of futuristic machines and broken-down ones. Fancy new cars float as well as roll, but the Internet’s now so glitchy you can't even blog properly—newspapers have come back! So many machines are in disrepair that a fixer in this world isn't someone who rigs elections or cleans up after murders—it’s a person who can repair both an elevator and an ancient toilet. But roving bands of bandits, godders, causies, breeders, khakis, and toxies threaten to destroy what’s just been fixed.

Anywhere there are people—however few—there’ll be power plays, and Rica’s current job at the Blackjack Casino is to run interference between the warring clans of Tahoe, in tiny Sierra. But then the city-state of Rocky gets ambitious. And that means war.

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