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Author: Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

Shaunda Kennedy Wenger is an author of 8 books for children and a cookbook. Her first book, The Book Lover's Cookbook, Celebrated Works of Literature and the Passages That Feature Them (Ballantine Books) was featured as a National Public Radio holiday gift pick in 2003. She has five titles published for the educational market, which include Caterpillar Can't Wait, Watch a Butterfly Grow, and In Black Bear Country. In 2010, she released The Ghost in Me. This paranormal, middle-grade novel for tween and teens has received much note-worthy praise. Her second book, Little Red Riding Hood, Into the Forest Again, won the 2011 KART Kids Book List Award for young readers and the 2012 Purple Dragonfly HM Award. Reality Bites, Tales of a Half-Vampire is her newest paranormal book for tweens. For more information about her books visit


Reality Bites-Tales of a Half-Vampire - Tales of a Half-Vampire

Reality Bites-Tales of a Half-Vampire
  • 4 Stars
  • Number: 9780615614298
  • Release: 2012-06-04
  • Author: Shaunda Kennedy Wenger
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, Supernatural, Kids: Middle Grade
  • Publisher: Essemkay Company Productions
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From the award-winning author of THE GHOST IN ME, REALITY BITES is the vampire book young teens have been waiting for!

Growing up in a family of vampires, witches, werewolves, and other assorted embarrassments can be tough on a girl who is just trying to be normal and fit in. When the school plans a Halloween ball, dressing up proves to be a lot harder than it should. Mackenzie has high hopes to at least talk with the boy she likes, but first she has to make it out of the house ALIVE, or at least looking like she's not Half-Dead. What is a "good" girl to do? When reality bites, it make take more than a little bit of family magic to see her through.