Author: Sharon Potts

As a writer, I never know where I will find inspiration for my next novel. The spark for my newly released thriller, THE DEVIL'S MADONNA, came when I discovered an old tattered carton in an upstairs closet. It was filled with scrapbooks and publicity photos of my mother-in-law, who had been an actress in 1930s Berlin. I was intrigued by the incongruous glamor of the photos, taken shortly before a very dark period in history. And I thought...what if? What if there had been another young, beautiful actress? Perhaps a fearful, desperate woman with a hidden identity. And what if this actress became involved with the wrong people and did things that would haunt her and her descendants throughout their lives? And so I wrote THE DEVIL'S MADONNA, set in present day Miami Beach and 1930s Berlin. In it, a young artist, pregnant with her first child and a recent convert to Judaism, tries to unravel her grandmother's past, never imagining just how terrifying the truth could be.