Author: Sharon Hooper

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The Diaries of Avalon Rose

The Diaries of Avalon Rose
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  • Number: 9780978533403
  • Release: July 2009
  • Author: Sharon Hooper
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Naughty Little Books
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This first in a series of diaries by Avalon Rose describes events that take place during the summer of 1877, at Highgate, an English country estate southeast of London. When Avalon takes up employment at the estate as a domestic, she discovers that the staff is made up of unusually attractive men and women whose duties require more than just cleaning and cooking. While the manor gets dusted, and the food gets cooked, the real work of the staff, as it turns out, is play.

At first, the beautiful young Avalon is shocked by what her employers require in the way of services, but soon joins in the fun without reservation. Having an open mind and a willing spirit, Avalon finds this new lifestyle to her liking, and herself the center of attention.

While everyone at Highgate is greatly enamored with Avalon, the married owner of the adjacent estate falls deeply in love with her, and she with him. But theirs is a forbidden love. Even though her heart is breaking, Avalon knows she must leave Highgate to avoid being the cause of a broken marriage.

When Avalon receives an unexpected inheritance that includes a country cottage, far from her present residence, she has the means to live life on her own terms and follow her own dreams. But when Avalon arrives at her new home, she makes a shocking discovery: Along with finding her own mother’s diaries, she also discovers a sizeable collection of journals written by and handed down from mother to daughter over many generations. While that, in itself, strikes Avalon as unusual, it is the inscription on the cover of every journal that truly shocks her: “This is the Diary of Avalon Rose.”

The Diaries of Avalon Rose, by Sharon Hooper, takes Victorian erotica to new levels of literary expression through the use of humor, passion, attention to detail and feminine insights about love and sexuality. This highly sensual first-in-a-series of books is a must read for women of all ages—and a “Please read it to me” story for their lovers.