Author: Sharon Bidwell

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A Fistful of Dust - Space: 1889 & Beyond: Season Two

A Fistful of Dust
  • Number: B00FLF4D7K
  • Release: 2013-10-02
  • Author: Sharon Bidwell
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Steampunk
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
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Phobos, fearful son of Mars. A moon often likened to a diseased potato…but is there more to the legends surrounding the satellite than mere rumor? Drawn to Mars as part of a covert mission, the team of the Esmeralda 2 are waylaid by Sir Henry Routledge, governor-general of Syrtis Major. Although at first reluctant to take on an additional mission -- a search for a missing man -- they change their minds upon hearing one Henry Barnsdale-Stevens has gone missing on Phobos, the mysterious moon of Mars that many say inspires fear.

The explorers set out for Phobos believing they may well find the minerals they’ve been looking for, and save a man’s life. Another myth calls to them -- the strange monolith that rises from Phobos’ surface…but does it extend below? The team discover this is not an ill-formed “bit of rock,” nor a remnant of the Stickney crater impact. It’s much more mysterious and marvelous, for there are words and drawings on the stone.

What secrets does the moon conceal, and why does it inspire dread? Will the team manage to survive long enough to find the answers? Their descent beneath the surface may lead to the most amazing discoveries yet.

Mundus Cerialis - Space: 1889 & Beyond Season Two

Mundus Cerialis
  • Number: 9781611874938
  • Release: 2012-12-05
  • Authors: Andy Frankham-Allen, Sharon Bidwell
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: Steampunk
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
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The Heart, a mysterious ancient life form around which the Earth's moon was shaped, contains the secrets of the ages. Secrets it is willing to share with humanity. Only the British Empire is telling no one, not even their allies. In a concealed base, researchers are developing a method to push the Empire beyond the limits of the Asteroid Belt. To succeed, they need certain, previously unknown, minerals and metals.

To that end they have assembled a top covert team: Scientific genius, Professor Nathanial Stone; American adventuress, Miss Annabelle Somerset; and the former captain of the Royal Navy's flagship, Jacob Folkard, who is linked telepathically to the Heart. Before the mission can begin, though, they require one more person: French mineralogist extraordinaire, Arnaud Fontaine.

Their journey takes them on a detour to Messor Base, a mining instillation on Ceres, the largest body in the Asteroid Belt. Things are not running as smoothly as they appear. People are missing, fresh meat is being served in the canteen... How far will Dylan Blayney, administrator of the base, go to keep the truth hidden?

For in the world of Ceres, something has been disturbed, and a great price must be paid.

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