Author: Shannon Delany

Shannon Delany believes there is no one right path to following your dreams. Previously a teacher and now a farmer raising heritage livestock in upstate New York, Shannon Delany has always been fascinated by history, myths, legends and paranormal research.

Shannon's debut series of YA paranormal novels, The 13 to Life series, (including: 13 to Life, Secrets and Shadows, Bargains and Betrayals, Destiny and Deception, and the upcoming Rivals and Retribution) began by winning the first-ever cellphone novel contest in the western world. Her books were so well received by readers (and nominated for a YALSA Teen Top Ten) that her trilogy was expanded to five books.

Shannon has also debuted in science fiction in the Leap Books charity anthology Spirited: 13 Haunting Tales (with "To Hel and Back" featuring augmented reality work done by Karl Gee) and her high fantasy debut will occur in October 2012 with Month 9 Books' charity anthology Two and Twenty Dark Tales (with "Pieces of Eight" co-written with musician Max Scialdone).

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