Author: Sean-Paul Thomas

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Lust4Life - Lust4Life, #1

  • Number: B00LZFHC14
  • Release: 2014-07-20
  • Author: Sean-Paul Thomas
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Paul Thomas Publishing
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If you knew you only had a short time left to live on this planet, really live. What would you do with that precious time?

A dark, sexy, black humorous tale of sex, violence, the male psyche, and an unstoppable whirlwind adventure of finding love in the most least likely location.

Set in modern day Edinburgh, an average everyday working man in his mid thirties is given the devastating news that he has terminal Brain Cancer. Refusing any kind of help or Chemo treatment, he struggles with overbearing thoughts on becoming a better person and giving into his natural urges, social fears and sexual desires to do and act however the hell he pleases. No longer wishing to obey the rules and regulations of monotonous every day life and society. Now our hero yearns to know what it's like to live a life without regret and consequences while his mind is still a healthy functioning one.

The story unfolds with a slow burning tension as our hero eventually turns his back on modern day society and begins using his terminal illness as a license to act out his biggest dreams and fantasies. Good and bad. While also squaring up to a couple of long time buried, but not forgotten, tragic demons from his past.

(Contains some Scottish dialect/slang)

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