Author: Sean F. Kelly

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Why We Are Fat and How Not To Be, Ever Again! - The Eco-Diet and Fitness Plan

Why We Are Fat and How Not To Be, Ever Again!
  • Number: B00CBYEKWW
  • Release: 2013-04-02
  • Author: Sean F. Kelly
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Health, Mind, & Body
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The Eco-diet pinpoints the hidden, underlying causes of our diet and health problems. A unique and permanent solution is then revealed - easy to follow and in harmony with your natural behaviors.

The Eco-diet is a "Neo-liberal” version of our original Paleolithic era diet which is far less dogmatic and far more forgiving regarding possible food choices. The proven results are the same as our highly effective evolutionary diet. No one wants to give up all their friends, radically change their lifestyle and find new “hunter-gatherer” people to hang out with. There’s really no need – this book proves it and the results are forthcoming. How? Optimal health and continual caloric deficit or equity mean the problem of excess fat is stopped at the source, permanently.

Exercise is no fun at all. Most people would rather be shopping, dancing, walking around or having sex – the point of this book exactly! Contemporary gym cardio machines and classes have come to monopolize the definition of “cardiovascular exercise”. In fact, they are to exercise what a pogo stick is to transportation – utterly ridiculous. In 3 easy steps this problem is solved permanently. The result is a healthy, permanent addiction to exercise.

In regard to building muscle, what are the fastest, strongest, people (male and female) on the planet doing? Nope, not the bodybuilders or the cute fitness models you see in the popular fitness magazines. Rather, Olympic champions, NFL football players, boxers, top track and field athletes, hockey players, UFC fighters, and other great athletes. How did they get so strong, fast and powerful? WHAT exactly are they doing? LETS DO THAT! Wait, isn’t there a dangerous lack of congruency here for an untrained 55 year old man or woman with a bad back? Actually no; the methods are absolutely scalable (intensity and volume) and advanced progressions are there for the taking. Function and fat loss are foregone conclusions, all with much less time working out.

These 3 areas work together symbiotically to produce rapid, permanent fat loss. They teach people that less is more, that getting out of the gym is important so you can enjoy the results of going there (that will actually keep you going back). They enlighten uninformed and misinformed people to the arcane truths behind how the fastest, strongest people got that way. Finally, the teach people that top fitness levels, aesthetically and functionally, are available to anyone regardless of age or gender. This is because the true path to fitness has everything to do with logistics, behavioral psychology, micro-economics and joy. In short, the benefits highly outweigh the costs. The diet and fitness industry brings in close $60 billion dollars per year. Yet, we’ve never been fatter or more riddled with chronic disease. The methods in this book are highly contradictory to both that industry and to popular notions regarding a healthy diet, including government food guidelines. The results prove success.

Imagine Yourself Well - Better Health Through Hypnosis

Imagine Yourself Well
  • Number: B00AHGSPSG
  • Release: 2009-09-09
  • Authors: Sean F. Kelly, Reid J. Kelly
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Health, Mind, & Body
  • Publisher: Da Capo Press
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Imagine Yourself Well: Better Health through Self-Hypnosis is a remarkable view of hypnotherapy as a scientifically recognized treatment art. Based upon their extensive practice and clinical research in therapeutic hypnotic techniques, the authors have constructed an effective handbook articulating the therapeutic use of hypnosis by depicting word-for-word what transpires during a session. The fascinating series of carefully worded transcripts of hypnotic exercises will enable the reader to correct specific self-destructive habits (e.g., overeating and smoking), common psychological problems (insomnia and various phobias), chronic physical conditions (arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, and migraine headaches), and performance anxieties (athletics and public speaking). The theory underlying clinical practice, including the key point that all hypnosis involves self-hypnosis, is explained in lay terms, and each exercise is grounded in sound cognitive, behavioral, or psychodynamic principles.

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