Author: Sarah Tranter

I live in Wiltshire with my very supportive husband and our two beautiful boys. The family includes Rufus the dog, two cats, five chicken; countless pet spiders and bugs (courtesy of my youngest) and currently, sea monkeys.

Formerly a Constituency Researcher for a Labour MP, Political Lobbyist and a London PR, life has come full circle with fiction writing again very much on the agenda. A long time ago I deviated from the path that would have led me to English Literature and creative writing studies. But writing has found me again. And I am so happy it has.


Romancing the Soul

Romancing the Soul
  • Number: B00H3QA98C
  • Release: 2013-12-03
  • Author: Sarah Tranter
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary, Women's Fiction
  • Publisher: Choc Lit
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Your Soul Mate is out there! Let a past life lead the way

Rachael Jones hasn’t exactly chosen an average career path. She’s a ‘past-life regressionist’ and is now hoping to help her clients find their Soul Mates through reconnecting them with their past lives. But despite her best intentions, there are problems. Rachael made the mistake of regressing her best friend, Susie Morris, who has since been haunted by events that occurred in her past life.

When Susie meets Hollywood actor, George Silbury in unlikely circumstances, she is completely unprepared for her reactions. There’s an intense mutual attraction that neither can explain nor ignore.

Can George help Susie to overcome the sense of desolation she feels as the result of her past-life regression or will history’s habit of repeating itself ruin all chances of her finding happiness?

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