Author: Sara V. Zook

Sara wrote her first book at age six. Of course, it was only a few pages, handwritten by a 6-year-old and was about kitty cats. As a child, some days she would be out venturing in the woods with her older brother and cousins, but sometimes would stay inside and create stories, write them down in a notebook and then pretend to publish them by typing them up on her mother's old typewriter.

Sara graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's in, you guessed it, creative writing. She met her husband, Brad, in college. They live in Pennsylvania with their three kids.

Sara started writing Strange in Skin in the summer of 2010. She had so much fun writing it, she couldn't stop. She would work all day and then stay up late at night typing up a few more chapters. She is now a paranormal/fantasy author.