Author: Sara R. Feldman

Sara R. Feldman is a college student. Born in Japan, she grew up travelling around the world and currently resides in Maine, where all of the good horror writers come from. Sarah admits she has a weakness for cats and chocolate, spends too much time on the computer, and hopes she doesn't run out of—any time soon—enjoyable, interesting experiences. If you see someone with huge sunglasses, a straw hat (or an electric-blue faux fur one in winter), and black lipstick on the Portland, ME city bus...yeah, she's probably listening to your lovers' quarrel. She is single and intends to stay that way for a while, so she's got to gather material somewhere!


Midnight Thirsts

Midnight Thirsts
  • Number: B005ME7MDM
  • Release: 2011-07-24
  • Authors: Megan Hussey, Imari Jade, Olivia Ritch, Tori L. Ridgewood, Sara R. Feldman
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal, Collections & Anthologies, Supernatural
  • Publisher: Melange Books, LLC
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Vampgasm, It Was A Dark and Horny Night by Megan Hussey:

Kat is a horror author with writer's block; that is until her hunky best friend provides some sexy inspiration. Could he be the vamp of her dreams?

Bite Me by Imari Jade: (GLBS - M/M)

Beck Griffin had no idea what he was getting into when he accepted the offer to move into a stately New Orleans' mansion with three gorgeously pale men. But all it took was one kiss from Tristan Armont to make him forget all the spooky stuff he saw.

Mist and Midnight by Tori L. Ridgewood:

Stalked by a cruel and relentless vampire, Charlotte is on the run. Fleeing the city, the powers of magick her only protection, she couldn't afford to fall for the hot modern prospector Pike Mahonen. Can she avoid temptation in a small town, to keep them both safe?

Lahaina Noon by Sara R. Feldman:

Hawaii is paradise if you're just a tourist. For those who call O'ahu home, that gorgeous view is just another commute. Even if they're vampires...on Lahaina Noon.

Mine Tonight by Olivia Ritch:

Rane DaViedes does not need a beating heart to fall for the mysterious dying woman, but Cara Martindale's true identity can tear them apart.

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