Author: Sandra C. Stixrude

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Romenel - Obligations of Blood - Anchorage Series: Book 3

Romenel - Obligations of Blood
  • Number: 978-1-60435-764-6
  • Release: August 19, 2010
  • Author: Sandra C. Stixrude
  • Genre: Romance
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  • Publisher: Red Rose Publishing - Out of Business
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Word Count: 101,348

Voices out of the past reveal a terrible secret: the kresnas, devourers of life and sanity, were created by human scientists. Not only created, but used in terrible, torturous experiments that turned them against their creators.

Romenel's dilemmas pile one on the other until he's no longer able to see his way through them. How can he destroy all the hordes of kresnas at once and, knowing what he does, is it morally defensible to do so?

And what other solution is there if humans are to survive? And what should he do about the beautiful warrior, Kyliki, since he has no place in her world and she has none in his?

And, hang it all, if he can resolve any of these things, what in blazes is he going to do about the mess of a succession war going on back home?

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