Author: Sandi Brackeen

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Digging Up The Past - Tales from Atlantis, #1

Digging Up The Past
  • Number: B012EHKCNQ
  • Release: 2015-07-22
  • Author: Sandi Brackeen
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: Booktrope Editions
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The Spade of Apocatequil can raise the dead and grant immortality—and it’s been stolen!

When supernatural agents Riley Perez and Jason, her partner at the clandestine government agency DUE, are given the task of tracking down the magical artifact, they discover that the culprit may be one of the workers at an archaeological dig at Shady Shores. Is it John Braden, the head archaeologist on-site, who was involved in the original discovery of the spade? Or is it Danny Roget, the anthropologist, who claims that there have been strange sightings? Riley and Jason’s hunt for the spade is endangered by a rash of sudden, unexplainable deaths of people involved in the dig. Together with Cameron Delaney, the intriguing alpha werewolf who runs Cerberus Security, the company in charge of protecting the archaeologists at the dig, Riley and Jason must find the spade before it can be used to destroy the world!

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