Author: Samantha Hunter

Sam has been writing for a pretty long time.

That led to pursuing a Master's Degree in English at SU, where she taught writing for twelve years and still teaches it now and then. While at SU, Sam also earned an MA in Geography, studying coastal environments.

While she was finishing up her degree, she decided to try to write a romance novel, and guess what? Her very first one sold to Harlequin Blaze in 2004! She decided to write full-time. Since then, Sam has written over twenty romances for Blaze and has written several self-published books, as well.

And now lives in Syracuse, NY with her wonderful husband and pets.

In her spare time she works on their gardens, quilts, cooks, travels—most of the places she travels end up as settings for her books.

She's also an unapologetic TV addict.

She loves summer and hates snow—a frequent theme of tweets in the winter months.

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