Author: Sam J. Charlton

Sam has loved reading and writing fantasy since she picked up The Sword of Shannara at the age of thirteen and was hooked. Born in the UK, she grew up in Dunedin, on New Zealand's South Island.

Struck by the travel bug in her early twenties, she left for Europe two days after graduating from university, ending up in Rome, where she spent the next decade. Over the past decade she has worked as a language and cooking tutor, translator, editor and web content writer. She currently resides in New Zealand.

Sam loves creating page-turning epic fantasy adventures for her readers to get lost in!


Journey of Shadows - The Paladnith Chronicles

Journey of Shadows
  • Number: B00BDE4ET0
  • Release: 2013-02-08
  • Author: Sam J. Charlton
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Sam J. Charlton
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Three brothers. One legacy that binds them.

Seth is bored of his life as a marshal's bodyguard, yet he's never embarked on the adventures he's always dreamed of.

Eni is married to his job. He's a talented weaponsmith who has willingly sacrificed everything for his craft.

Val hides in his library, preferring the company of books to people.

Living in different corners of Palâdnith, the brothers parted ways ten years earlier. They haven't seen each other since. There's an emptiness in each of their lives, yet they don't intend on changing anything - until fate intervenes.

Unbeknown to the brothers, their mother - who disappeared when they were children - was a powerful witch. The only reason they're still alive is because of the protection charms they wear around their necks. Amulets she gave them.

Thirty years on, the charms no longer shield them. They have now reached manhood and must face the future alone.

Suddenly, the brothers' safe, easy lives begin to unravel.

Seth finds himself on the run - from a caped attacker who will never stop hunting him.

Eni witnesses a stabbing and ends up accused of murder - a crime he will hang for.

Val's master sends him on a perilous quest across the mountains - one he's not supposed to return from.

The brothers embark on three separate journeys; ones that will tear away their old identities and force them to face the truth of who they really are.

Journey of Shadows (Book One of the Palâdnith Chronicles) is a tale of epic adventure, discovery, fear and courage. It's the story of three men, and the destiny that awaits them.

The Children of Isador

The Children of Isador
  • Number: 9781480240957
  • Release: 2012-11-12
  • Author: Sam J. Charlton
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Sam J. Charlton
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Beware where malice sleeps...

An epic fantasy tale of high adventure, wizards, warriors and sorcery. The Children of Isador begins under the shadow of a land threatened by invaders from far across the southern oceans.

A year later, the continent is almost overrun.

Isador is a vast continent, lush and warm in the south, with great forests to the east and desolate tundra in the north. Four races inhabit the continent: The Ennadil, Orinians, Tarzark and Gremul - but after years of civil war they refuse to band together against the invaders.

The Morg and their war machine appear unstoppable. Led by a powerful warlock bent of vengeance, they have gained control of over half the continent and stand on the brink of taking the last bastion of men: the City States of Orin.

Morgarth Evictar has returned to Isador after a long exile. History has forgotten him but the warlock is determined to claim the continent for his own.

Isador is about to fall into darkness - and only a handful of unlikely heroes remain to save it. Among them are:

A wizard with no interest in his craft...

A witch whose powers have yet to be tested...

A warrior who is about to learn the true meaning of courage...

A guardian with undiscovered talents...

Together, they must begin a perilous quest into occupied territory - to find Morgarth Evictar and slay him. It appears an impossible task, but the fate of Isador depends on them all.

Can they rescue Isador, or is it too late?

Shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards in 2008 (for New Zealand authors of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror), The Children of Isador is dark fantasy that fans of traditional epic fantasy will love.

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