Author: Sabrina Zollo

I am a chick lit author and health care marketer. Perhaps more importantly, what you must know about me: I am a consummate lover of dark chocolate, white wine, shoes and spin class. If you love more than two of those things, we could possibly be BFFs.

Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend was inspired by my first job, a long time ago in years of yore, at a global beauty company, where (drama queen alert!) I experienced severe culture shock and moments of terror made only tolerable by my gay best friend and white wine. My clumsy path to becoming a marketing professional inspired me to write about the impact of corporate ambition and gay boyfriends on women.


Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend

Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend
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  • Number: 9781926760797
  • Release: 2012-09-28
  • Author: Sabrina Zollo
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Central Avenue
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When Veronica graduated with an MBA and dreams of saving the world, she never knew she would end up a corporate slave to the lipstick gods, in love with her playboy boss and in need of a gay best friend to make her feel fabulous. Straight out of school, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Veronica has her heart set on an honourable job, such as saving starving children. Instead, she accepts a job at Gisele, a global cosmetic empire that seems to mock her every value. Veronica struggles to fit in until she meets Stevie, a gay co-worker, who immediately assumes the role of fashion counsellor and fabulousness.

Under Stevie’s mentorship, Veronica flourishes as a vixen and marketing peon. But for Veronica to truly succeed at Gisele and seduce her boss, she must bequeath her soul to the makeup gods and sacrifice her friends in a ritual known as corporate brainwash. How far does Veronica go before she realizes she is losing everything she once valued, including herself?