Author: Ryshia Kennie

A Canadian author, Ryshia Kennie grew up on the prairie, where her first book, From the Dust, is set. Her second book, Ring of Desire, is a paranormal romance set in medieval times.

Since publishing her first two books, she has won her city's creative writing award and now writes romantic suspense and women's fiction. She loves setting her stories in faraway places, and a trip abroad is always an opportunity for research.

She still calls the Canadian prairies home, where she lives with her husband and one opinionated Irish Terrier.


Sheik's Rule - Desert Justice, #1

Sheik's Rule
  • Number: B01LYMRA3V
  • Release: 2017-04-01
  • Author: Ryshia Kennie
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense, * Romance: Middle East, #FirstInaSeries
  • Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
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He's an investigator on a mission, but it's impossible to ignore the brilliant woman helping him complete it… 

His sister's life is at stake, and despite his wealth and power, Sheik Emir Al-Nassar feels helpless. At least heading his family's security agency provides him with resources to track down her kidnappers. But when the ace profiler he's sent turns out to be K. J.—Kate—Gelinsky, Emir is furious. Finding the kidnappers' desert hideout is dangerous enough without the distraction of a beautiful woman. 

But K.J. is unlike any woman he's ever known. Her fearlessness and incisive mind inspires Emir's admiration. And her compassion breaches his guarded heart. Still, rescuing his sister is a perilous mission. And allowing desire to cloud his focus could endanger them all. 

Desert Justice

Fatal Intent

Fatal Intent
  • Number: 9781937349554
  • Release: 2013-01-15
  • Author: Ryshia Kennie
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing1
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In the heart of the jungle lies more

than just the hint of death.

Leading a scientific excursion into the Borneo rain forest is a life long dream for entomologist, Garrett Cole. But when her guide turns up dead and headless, her abilities are tested. As the dense foliage pushes her team further from the river, they are lost. Every shimmer of sound is a threat, and when a blonde haired, half-naked giant emerges from nowhere, she wants to run. But there are no options – she needs help.

Raised in the lush cradle of the Borneo jungle, Aidan is as unconventional as the fact that he has no last name. While the city is home, he returns to the jungle for peace and solitude. As a PI, how can he ignore the mystery this group and their dead guide poses? Leading them in a convoluted trek in a bid for answers he soon finds himself in a clash of wills with their alluring leader and answers that slide dangerously close to the tribe he loves.

In the jungle’s torrid heat they find unexpected solace in each other’s arms. But faced with death and betrayal, in a battle of wits that puts lives on the edge, can anyone be trusted?

Ring of Desire

Ring of Desire
  • Number: B002VWKG3Q
  • Release: 2009-11-05
  • Author: Ryshia Kennie
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing, LLC
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Whispers of an ancient magic

drew them together …

In the medieval land of Hafne, a curse has swept through the land leaving it barren and without hope. As one of the chosen, Vala watches for signs of the prophecy and with it, the owner of a ring who is destined to fight by her side and drive away the darkness. The newly arrived Norman enemy is an unnecessary complication in Hafne—and in beautiful Vala’s heart.

… An unspeakable evil fights

to keep them apart.

Giles arrives with his Norman men in time to rescue a mysterious woman from a watery death. Holding Vala in his arms, the stirrings of destiny and desire begin, binding him to a prophecy of which he surely wants no part—binding him to a search for his true origins and a fight to save his soul and hers.

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