Author: Ryan Buell

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Paranormal State - My Journey into the Unknown

Paranormal State
  • Number: 9780061767944
  • Release: 2010-09-21
  • Authors: Stefan Petrucha, Ryan Buell
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Supernatural
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
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Ryan Buell, star of the hit A&E series Paranormal State, takes us behind the scenes of his most intense supernatural encounters.

ollow Ryan Buell on his extraordinary journey as he seeks out the truth behind terrifying demonic disturbances, hauntings, and paranormal phenomena to solve unexplained mysteries that have been plaguing frightened families who have nowhere else to turn.

In Paranormal State, Buell gives readers a chilling, in-depth look at some of the most disturbing cases—including some that have never been aired—revealing startling new facts and incredible new discoveries. Buell relives the origins of the Paranormal Research Society—discussed here for the first time—and the strange path his life has taken since the show's beginning. With unparalleled candor, Ryan discusses the intriguing mysteries, the difficult decisions, and the struggles with questions of faith, sanity, and the very concept of reality.

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