Author: Robert Daniels

Retired clinical psychologist, Robert Daniels lives in Atlanta, Georgia. In his youth Robert participated in Golden Gloves boxing, but now goes in for less painful pastimes such as tennis, golf, and traveling the world. Only recently did he work up the courage to submit his thriller, "Once Shadows Fall" for publication. It was accepted by veteran editor Matthew Martz of Crooked Lane Books and is expected to be released in the Spring, 2015.

Drawing heavily on his professional background, his first novel, "Once Shadows Fall," a psychological police thriller, (December 8, 2015) was completed after receiving some much needed advice from the late Robert B. Parker.

"Wake the Devil," a sequel to "Once Shadows Fall," also published by Crooked Lane Books, will follow shortly. He recently completed work on Stone Angels, a story set in the Atlanta about an attorney who becomes involved in a series of murders and an old Southern family hiding some diabolical and dark secrets.


Once Shadows Fall - A Thriller, #1

Once Shadows Fall
  • 5 Stars
  • Number: 9781629534848
  • Release: 2015-12-15
  • Author: Robert Daniels
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller, Debut Title
  • Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
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After years of paying her dues on the force, Beth Sturgis has earned her place as a detective for the Robbery-Homicide division of the Atlanta PD. Now, she's heading up a major manhunt for a potential serial killer who’s working his way inward from the outskirts of the city. The copycat elements in the first crime scene lead Sturgis to retired FBI agent Jack Kale, who was responsible for apprehending and nearly killing the murderer known as the Scarecrow, the same Scarecrow who appears to be this new killer's terrible inspiration.

A reclusive single father and university professor, Kale is trying to keep the demons at bay through therapy and avoidance. That is, until Sturgis shows up asking for his help. Against his better judgment, Kale is drawn into the most dangerous cat and mouse game of his life. Robert Daniels's Once Shadows Fall, is a gripping thriller in the bestselling tradition of Silence of the Lambs and is sure to become a crime fiction classic.