Author: Rik Francis

I’ve been writing for 18 years, with my material published in magazines, books and newspapers in seven countries. I’m an Amazon Best-Selling Author. ‘Two Shades of Gay’ is my third novel. Some more ‘exciting’ life experiences, include being shot at in Beirut, witnessing a bomb blast in Belfast, and surviving an engine fire on a flight from Moscow to London.

I taught filmmaking and storytelling in Sydney, Dubai, Kuwait and Auckland. With my writing experience, I’ve realised the power of the imagination, and the way it enriches our lives.

Apart from writing, I’m also interested in metaphysics and philosophy. I believe we all create our own realities by our thoughts and attitudes. I try and write every day, and am currently working on a screenplay that explores the connection between violence and love, and the wondrous power of the human spirit.