Author: Richard Wickliffe

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Storm Crashers

Storm Crashers
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  • Number: 9781610092333
  • Release: 2016-05-13
  • Author: Richard Wickliffe
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Oak Tree Press
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Nature's most deadly force just got more terrifying. Imagine hiding in your home during a category-four hurricane. Suddenly dark figures enter -they are the Storm Crashers: high-tech thieves who prey on storm evacuations. They must race the clock and are fearless -until they come across a mysterious young witness who fights back. Dan Holms, a disparaged investigator, and a rookie female detective are disciplined for believing the young witness's story about "mystery soldiers." The Crashers want to silence the woman who has seen them, and a new Cat-5 is on the way. Holms and the detective unravel their origin with action and twists that could inevitably impact our national security. A story inspired by real crimes, and so unique and action-packed, it was optioned by a "big-six" Hollywood studio.