Author: Richard Bushkin

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Whitney Houston - The Voice, the Music, the Inspiration

Whitney Houston
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  • Number: 9781608872008
  • Release: 2012-11-27
  • Authors: Narada Michael Walden, Richard Bushkin
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Biographies & Memoirs, Non-fiction
  • Publisher: Insight Editions
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Whitney Houston’s voice. A voice of raw power and angelic sweetness, tremendous range, and incredible control. When the world first heard it back in 1984, a new chapter was written in the annals of popular music.

Author Narada Michael Walden sat in the cockpit alongside Whitney while her career skyrocketed, producing many of the hits that today comprise her musical legacy?among them, ?How Will I Know,” ?I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” ?Where Do Broken Hearts Go,” and ?One Moment in Time.” His intimate stories of their unforgettable times together, both inside and outside the recording studio, draw a portrait of a smart, funny, compassionate woman whose striking physical beauty was matched by her inner strength and justifiable self-confidence. As the cousin of Dionne Warwick and daughter of Cissy Houston, Whitney was able to draw on her lineage to make an unprecedented impact. And, at the same time, she and Narada enjoyed a rock-solid bond, fostered through their shared musical and spiritual backgrounds.

It is for Whitney’s legion of loving fans?several thousand of whom crowded outside the church where Narada attended her funeral service in February 2012?that he is now telling the story of the fabulously gifted artist and caring, charismatic woman he knew during her peak years. She remains the only artist to have seven consecutive U.S. chart-topping singles, and is the most awarded female act of all time.