Author: Rich Wilkie

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Thunder - The Problematic Nature of Dream Therapy and the Rehabilitation of Felons

  • Number: B00Z8F45SK
  • Release: 2015-06-07
  • Author: Rich Wilkie
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: Rich Wilkie
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A brutal journey through the dreams of a criminal, Thunder is both heart wrenching and humorous. The story chronicles the pitiless dreams of a corrupt politician condemned to Dream Therapy Rehabilitation, his superhero like alter ego, the two boys trapped in his dreams, the employees who manage the dreams and the computer program who plots to control them all.

If you discovered your life was controlled by unseen powers apathetic to your well being, would you live your life differently? Would you change the route you drive to work? Would you quit your job? Or would you wreak havoc in the hopes it will make a difference?

A prominent politician, Thor Kazan, is sentenced to Dream Rehabilitation. Thor dreams two boys, best friends, find a ring that gives them access to his subservient persona as a superhero protector, Thunder. The power plunges their lives into chaos, savages their friendship and peals back a small towns fragile veneer of normalcy. Trevor loves his job overseeing Thor’s dreams until an intern, Shyla, is foisted upon him. Initially, he enjoys teaching her how to monitor the dreams, how to move about in the dreams and how to manipulate the lives of the people living in the dreams. Shyla contemplates her freewill, or fate, or if she lives in the dreams of a sadist – She has a crises of conscience and Trevor’s placid little life crumbles. Gabriella, the application that Trevor uses to manipulate Thor’s dreams, has been programmed to learn on the job and she learns more bad than good.

This book is not meant for children – the story contains mature language, and descriptions of sex and violence.

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