Author: Reinette

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Dark Love - Dark Love Series

Dark Love
  • Number: B004J8HUUC
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Reinette
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, * Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher: Closed - Silver Publishing
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Samantha Kane and Fowler McHenry have been friends since childhood, and sweethearts some time after that. Fowler is also the redhead's employer, but it isn't your ordinary place of employment, nor your typical job. Fowler and his brother Barry own the McHenry House of Horror and Museum of the Supernatural. Samantha is their resident vampire expert, as well as being their Tarot reader. Sybil McHenry, mother of the two men, holds seances, along with her assistant, Medford Poole. Gaylinda is the rather slutty receptionist with the hots for Fowler McHenry something fierce - what she wouldn't give to replace Samantha as his one true love!

The trouble is, Samantha is finding it hard to commit any more - and has yet to give Fowler an answer to the BIG question - the will you be my wife, etc etc question. Her cards - and her heart - tell her that something is waiting for her. Or is it someone? Enter Eric Vargas, Fowler's new European investor - blond and gorgeous and quite mysterious - attended by his manservant, Raymond. Add to the mix one flambuoyant vampire hunter and one defrocked priest, and you have quite a situation. Suddenly, people are dying, mysteriously drained of their blood. Is there really such a thing as vampires? And if so, who can it be?

Welcome to the world of Dark Love - St. Louis will never be quite the same again!

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