Author: Raymond Shinault

Raymond Shinault is CEO and Founder of 18 Wheels Of Purpose with Raymond Shinault Enterprises, a premier leadership development and personal development organization. Raymond has used his 20 plus years of experience as a professional truck driver to establish himself as an "Award Winning Speaker". He is the Author of the book LIVING YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE He is regarded by many to be one of the most dynamic speakers that they have ever heard relating to leadership, personal development and purposeful living. Raymond's true desire is to instill practical steps and concepts within our youth and college age young people that enables them to utilize the greatness that is already within them by developing that greatness through education, training, and personal development and leadership skills.


Living Your Life's Purpose

Living Your Life's Purpose
  • Number: B00A1OPUSC
  • Release: 2012-11-03
  • Author: Raymond Shinault
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Self-Help, * Under 45k Words
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Have you ever wondered if you're on the right path? If you're doing what you should be doing with your time? Sure" we all have, and if you haven't - perhaps you should! Raymond Shinault shares about the importance of getting clear on what you want in life and how to accomplish it by choosing to do it through purposeful living. Enjoying what you're doing, plus the real-world feedback that what you're doing is valued is perhaps one of the easiest ways to discover what you're purpose is. In fact, Raymond's rule is this: If it's making a [positive] difference in the world, that's your purpose.

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