Author: Randy Sue Coburn

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A Better View of Paradise : A Novel

A Better View of Paradise : A Novel
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  • Number: 9780345490360
  • Release: July 14, 2009
  • Author: Randy Sue Coburn
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Random House
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A Better View of Paradise

Dramatic, moving, and exquisitely written, A BETTER VIEW OF PARADISE explores the tender bond between fathers and daughters, ponders the delicate nature of healing, and celebrates the redemptive power of forgiveness and love.

Thirty-six-year-old Stevie Pollack has earned fame and praise for her landscape architecture projects, though critics complain she's too formal, too rigid. When her lover abruptly drops her, and her Chicago lakefront development project is panned, Stevie seeks solace in her roots, among the calming waters, the vibrant flowers, and the comforting traditions of the islands. Still, in the back of her mind, Hawai`i holds troubling memories of a childhood with an emotionally distant father, Hank, and a reserved British mother.

The trip home promises Stevie a welcome departure from mainland trials, despite her irascible father's presence. But the shocking news that Hank is dying forces the pair's reunion into high gear. As father and daughter look to rekindle their bond, Stevie discovers sides of Hank she never knew, including family secrets that shaped their lives. And what started as a holiday escape for the beleaguered artist becomes a chance for transformation. Along the way in this shared journey of contention and transcendence, Stevie's heart opens not only to her father, but to a man who challenges all her constricted notions of love and life's possibilities.