Author: Rae Lamar

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Unlike Me

Unlike Me
  • Number: 978-0-578-05038-6
  • Release: February 27, 2010
  • Author: Rae Lamar
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance
  • Publisher: Kemi-Ka Publishing, LLC
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Love is love. Managing it is the problem...
After an involuntary separation from her husband, Desmond, and a recent job promotion, Sabrena Moore is taking everything one day at a time. Especially now that her ex, Rowe Washington, spends his working hours just a few floors above her corner office. It seems Rowe is as determined to right his wrongs with Sabrena as she is to keep their resurrected relationship platonic. So when Sabrena asks him to help her mentor a troubled young boy named Chazz through their company’s mentorship program, Rowe doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of the quality time that naturally comes along with the task.
As a certified BFF, Tashi Gordon has no choice but to intervene and help Sabrena stay true to what’s left of her so-called marriage… at least when she’s not too busy juggling men for her own amusement. But when Tashi accidentally meets her match in a beautiful stranger named Quincy, she’s left uncharacteristically whipped and tumbling into the last place she would ever expect to end up.
It’s not long before Sabrena and Rowe’s “just friends” façade fades to romance… and Monica Sullivan soon realizes her chances with Rowe are slim to none. Despite his obvious attraction to her, Rowe clearly has no plans to do anything about it. Never desperate, Monica simply accepts the situation for what it is… but then again, there’s just something about Rowe that has her completely infatuated. So when a perfect opportunity suddenly presents itself, Monica decides to use her executive connection to put herself in a position that could very well tip the odds in her favor, both professionally and personally.

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