Author: R.R. Born

R.R. Born lives in Texas with her husband, and an orange tabby terror named Pele. She graduated from Houston Community College where she studied Photography, then graduated with a degree in Film and screenwriting from Long Island University in Brookville,NY. She’s worked as a Production Coordinator, Second Assistant Director on local commercials, TLC & HGTV shows, and movies.


May Day - A Gray Witch #1

May Day
  • Number: B07DWJW6S7
  • Release: 2018-07-10
  • Author: R.R. Born
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR, Diverse Books
  • Publisher: R.R. Born
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Ari Mason is a shunned and exiled witch. She works as a bartender and reads tarot in the park. Neither of which requires her brand of black magic. Which is how she likes it. Ari's power has always left a trail of death and destruction in her wake, and she's chosen a path of altruism. By using herbs and plants in her spells, instead of blood, she can help those around her.

As the temperature rises in Houston, so does the body count. But these aren't regular murders; someone is using old magic to take out humans and witches.

Ari realizes that any witch is fair game and sends out a call for black magic and white magic witches. They must join forces to fight this ancient evil if any of them plans on making it through this Beltane alive.

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