Author: R.P. James

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Thank you so much for all of your support. Because of you, I recently became a best selling romance author here on Amazon!

Thank you for checking out my Author's page, I'm glad you want to know more about me. My name is R.P. James, and I write books about strong sexy women and the hot alpha males who love them.

I graduated college with a degree in Economics and a minor in creative writing. When I am not busy writing, you can find me on the tennis courts or in a Taekwondo Dojang.

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Mated by 3 Rough Gay Alpha Musketeers

Mated by 3 Rough Gay Alpha Musketeers
  • Number: B015ALU8RI
  • Release: 2015-09-11
  • Author: R.P. James
  • Genre: HOT Romance
  • Tags: * SPICY: HOT Romance, * Contemporary, GLBTQ+, * SPICY: Multiple Partners, * SPICY: BDSM
  • Publisher: ACZ Publishing
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You are about to have a steamy encounter with the Three Musketeers...

You are dissatisfied with your relationship, and you feel, at this point, that it is going nowhere. You long for a solution to pull you out of your dissatisfaction, and that is when you happen to meet the Three Musketeers.

The Musketeers are three bisexual lovers, who regularly make a habit of going around to find women together, and seducing them into their collective bed.

They find you, and with the three of them you have the best night of your life.

Of course, your boyfriend finds out.

He goes to confront the Three Musketeers, only to find that their powers of seduction work just as well on men as they do on women...

*Warning: This book contains lots of HOT sex, drama and adult language. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, then start now and see what you have been missing ;-) Enjoy!*

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  • Mated by 3 Rough Gay Alpha Musketeers Mated by 3 Rough Gay Alpha Musketeers