Author: Peter Riva

I was a pure math major at college but later went to UCLA Film School and then to the BBC as an Apprentice. I was the creator and producer of over 78 hours of primetime wildlife television, co-founder of a film history museum, and past program manager for the first global circumnavigation atmospheric flight (Voyager; 1986). I have worked for more than thirty years with the leaders in aerospace and space exploration. I also helped manage and create several international historic events (the memorabilia of which are on permanent display in national institutions in America, Germany, and France as well as touring internationally). My daytime job for more than forty years has been as a literary agent. Born and raised in New York City and Switzerland, I moved some years ago and love where I live now best of all: Gila, New Mexico.


The Berlin Package

The Berlin Package
  • Number: 9781631580826
  • Release: 2016-04-26
  • Author: Peter Riva
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Diverse Books, Suspense: Action / Thriller
  • Publisher: Yucca Publishing
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A film producer, a handsome star, and an African safari guide must race to protect themselves and the world from a terrorist nuclear trade.

Film producer Pero Baltazar thought he was taking a Berlin filming assignment. He needed the work, needed to get back in the saddle after fighting off a life-threatening experience in East Africa?al-Shabaab had attacked his crew, intent on a much larger terrorist attack. Suddenly he finds himself under orders from his part-time employers at the State Department and the CIA when he is handed a mysterious package. It’s an assignment he doesn’t want. The problem is, it’s a job contracted by mysterious patrons who are prepared to kill him if he doesn’t deliver.

Pero?now in far too deep?turns to friends, old and new, to help him unravel the mystery of the package, uncover connections to Nazi concentration camp gold recently sold by the US Treasury, and thwart the ex?Stasi chief, now head of a powerful banking group.

In this fast-paced sequel to Murder on Safari, Pero calls on Mbuno, his friend and East African safari guide, to anticipate the moves of his enemies as if they were animals?dangerous vermin?who have kidnapped both the film star and director. Mbuno’s tracking skills may keep them from getting killed?provided Pero can rope in more help and keep the CIA at bay.

Exhilarating and expertly crafted, The Berlin Package is a gripping, page-turning thriller set in post?German reunification Europe.

Reaching Angelica - Tag Series, #2

Reaching Angelica
  • Number: 9781631580697
  • Release: 2016-02-02
  • Author: Peter Riva
  • Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Tags: * Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Yucca Publishing
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In a massive spaceship destined for Alpha Centauri B, with a genesis crew including Zip the telepathic dog, his old friendly nemesis Cramer, and a computer being name Ra (now inhabiting a human form and calling herself Aten), Simon Bank emerges from a hundred-year coma and is hailed as an awakened hero. Stuck with unwanted responsibility, he is forced to try and solve the entire enigma of the universe?a small undertaking?before the spaceship, his friends, and all life on Earth are swatted out of existence by super beings he has accidentally awakened.

Simon’s only hope is to plunge into other dimensions with his mind?into the secrets of the universe’s pan-dimensions?as only he knows how. The fate of all life hangs in the balance as he struggles to prove himself worthy of the Path and the absolute trust his friends place in him. Simon knows all too well that if he fails there is no hope?none at all?for anyone and that includes his best friend, an artificial intelligence computer called Apollo, which he sadly left behind. Besides, Zip would not be pleased, either.

For fans of cyberpunk and classic science fiction, Reaching Angelica is the second book in Peter Riva’s Tag series, the comic, thrilling, and continuing saga of Simon Bank?ex?master system computer wrangler and very unlikely savior of the universe.

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