Author: Peter Bartlett

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Poppet's Plank

Poppet's Plank
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  • Number: 9780755213153
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: Peter Bartlett
  • Genre: Mainstream
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  • Publisher: Bright Pen
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A naive young English couple are plucked from the tranquil English countryside and thrown into the celluloid world of Spies and Hollywood. A battle with the Hollywood Mafia then threatens their existence.

Wildly successful, Poppet's lover takes on the Hollywood hierarchy and quotes of their love talisman thrill the American people. All seek this type of Holy Grail, yet this is their personal chalice, embracing all their success and love.

The love token is moved innocently by man, guided by powers not controlled by man. Success will be granted to the person finding Poppet's Plank.

A frenzied chase to find the mystical love token travels across the World. Believers hold tight to the coat-tails of superstition, talisman, and faith in the ethereal. Many people will have their lives changed in so many dimensions.