Author: Peggy Ehrhart

When Peggy Ehrhart was in the third grade at Our Lady of Peace School in the San Fernando Valley, she won a Knights of Columbus essay contest and her fate was sealed. It just took her awhile to realize that what she really wanted to write was fiction.

After a BA in English from University of Portland, she headed to San Francisco, just like several thousand other people who had gotten word that San Francisco was the happening place to be. Amid many enjoyable distractions, she managed to get an MA in English from San Francisco State, then headed off to University of Illinois for a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature. Her first college teaching job after grad school brought her to the New York City area, where she has happily remained ever since.

Then, after several years of teaching and in the throes of a severe midlife crisis, she bought an electric guitar and wrote her first mystery novel–though as her alter-ego, Margaret J. Ehrhart, she’d been writing busily the whole time: numerous scholarly articles, and a book about Greek myth in the Middle Ages funded by a research grant from the American Council of Learned Societies.

The transition from would-be mystery writer to published mystery writer would have happened a lot sooner if she wasn’t having so much fun with the music. She formed The Last Stand Band, which over the course of its five-year life, played numerous gigs in New York City and the surrounding area.

Besides Sweet Man Is Gone, Got No Friend Anyhow, and the academic projects, Peggy has published stories, essays, and translations in print media and online.

She’s married to Norm Smith, the sweetest man of all time, and has one child, Matt Smith, who’s in a band.