Author: Pauline Trent

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Falling In Love

Falling In Love
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  • Number: 9780821781418
  • Release: February 2009
  • Author: Pauline Trent
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Contemporary
  • Publisher: Zebra Books
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Lambert Falls, North Carolina, is a small Southern town where the past and present effortlessly mingle. Here, the pace is sweet and tranquil-but life can still offer up its share of surprises.

After years in the military, Chris Montgomery is looking for somewhere to relax and recharge, and Lambert Falls, with its tree-lined streets and picturesque town square, seems ideal. Chris expected that a stranger in town would attract suspicion and gossip. He didn't expect to meet someone like Angie Kane, with her warm, open smile and self-contained air that are instantly intriguing.

Angie has built a satisfying life for herself, one she's not willing to uproot for someone who's just passing through. But Chris is quietly persistent-not to mention handsome and charming. Against her own better judgment, Angie finds herself falling deeper than she ever intended-until one phone call forces her to choose between the town she's always loved, and a man she can't imagine living without.

* Debut Title