Author: Pauline Saull

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A Tropical Affair

A Tropical Affair
  • Number: 9781931761567
  • Release: 2013-03-31
  • Author: Pauline Saull
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Liquid Silver Publishing
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When a British heiress discovers her fiancée is not the man he pretended to be she’ll discover her sheltered upbringing has left her woefully unprepared to face a new life in Venezuela. The line between what is right and what you desire blurs in this exciting historical novel by Pauline Saull.

When charming Carlton Blake convinces Elizabeth Hall to marry him, she is carried away with the idea of a life in 1880s Venezuela. But, when she travels to her new home for the wedding, she discovers her fiancée is only interested in her inheritance and his exotic mistress, Rosita, a beautiful Carib girl. Desperate, Elizabeth accepts shelter from British expatriate and rancher, Theo Furey. Will the embers her protector ignites within her become a flame Elizabeth cannot deny?

Content Notes: Historical, 1800’s, Adventure, Sexy Spicy Romance


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