Author: Paul Simpson

Paul Simpson is a freelance editor and writer. He has been the editor of Star Trek Magazine, the official licensed magazine of the long-running TV and movie franchise, and is the author of many books on pop culture, including the official books charting the making of Farscape, Smallville, and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, as well as The Bond Files and a biography of Nicole Kidman. Simpson also edits the popular reviews and news website

He currently resides in the United Kingdom. 


That's What They Want You to Think - Conspiracies Real, Possible, and Paranoid

That's What They Want You to Think
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You don't need to be wearing a tinfoil hat to accept that Lincoln was assassinated by a conspiracy - it's a historical fact. But these days the phrase "conspiracy theory" has become synonymous with labyrinthine plots and nebulous clues hidden in blown-up photos and arcane paintings. The simple suggestion of a conspiracy is often dismissed by the mainstream media as if inherently impossible. That's What They Want You to Think sorts through the most well-known theories-both historically accepted and summarily dismissed-to provide an overview of the real, the possible, and the paranoid. Conspiracies covered include Pearl Harbor, JFK, MLK, Lincoln, Princess Diana, John Lennon, Roswell, Freemasons, Watergate, 9/11 and more!

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