Author: Paty Jager

Growing up in the Northeast corner of Oregon, riding horses and reading were my favorite pastimes. Many hours were spent roaming the Wallowa Mountains on my horse, Junebug, and making up stories in my head. I read anything I could get my hands on from the school and local library. Many of my school lunch hours I could be found reading the thickest books I'd borrowed. Usually Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney.

Along with writing, I also teach writing workshops online, at writers meetings, and at writing conferences. I enjoy helping others learn the craft of writing. And especially enjoy going in the classrooms with other members of the local writing group to promote the 4th Grade Picture Book contest and help the children learn how to write and illustrate a good story. A good part of my summer is spent traveling around the state judging 4-H and open class county fair textile and foods exhibits. A perk from being a 4-H leader for over twenty years and a 4-H program assistant for nearly ten.