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Author: Patrick Anderson Jr.

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Touched by Darkness - Twelve Tales of Evil, Inside and Out

Touched by Darkness
  • Number: B0099TS99W
  • Release: 2012-09-11
  • Authors: Nell Duvall, Peter Giglio, Catherine Cavendish, Dee Pratt, Julia Kavan, Ronn E Taylor, Matthew Cherry, Elson Meehan, Keith Melton, Patrick Anderson Jr., Thomas Gueli, K.W. Taylor
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Collections & Anthologies, Horror, Supernatural
  • Publisher: Etopia Press
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Touched by Darkness

Twelve Tales of Evil, Inside and Out

Twelve tales of horror that delve into the shadows secreted within...and the darkness that stalks beyond.

“Trust” by Peter Giglio

“Attachment” by Dee Pratt

“Dreaming, Not Sleeping” by Julia Kavan

“Evelyn Thayer” by Ronn E Taylor

“In My Lady's Chamber” by Catherine Cavendish

“Masked” by Matthew Cherry

“Black Habits” by Elson Meehan

“Be Seeing You” by Keith Melton

“Stew” by Patrick Anderson Jr.

“Teaching Man” by Nell DuVall

“The Dead Hate the Living” by Thomas Gueli

“We Shadows Have Offended” by K.W. Taylor

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