Author: Patricia Simpson

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The Last Oracle - The Forbidden Tarot

The Last Oracle
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  • Number: B004JHYTNY
  • Release: 2011-08-03
  • Author: Patricia Simpson
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Romantic Elements, Supernatural
  • Publisher: Lucky Publishing
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All Amara wants is her freedom.

Freedom to know love as a mortal woman. Freedom to live on her own terms. But Amara will never be free. She is the Oracle of Avaris, taken from her people when she was twelve years old and held prisoner in a remote Egyptian temple…

…until a millionaire in a flying machine helps her escape.

Though Amara is dangerously attracted to Max Griffin, she allows him to sweep her into his jet-setting world. He will be her conduit to freedom and nothing more.

But Amara’s freedom is not easily won. Her vicious master pursues her across the Mediterranean. Max is almost killed. Someone is murdered aboard his yacht. And Amara finds herself falling for a man who has sworn off love...