Author: Pat Brisson

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Sometimes We Were Brave - Children's picture book, Ages 4-8, Illustrated by France Brassard

Sometimes We Were Brave
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  • Number: 9781590785867
  • Release: December 2009
  • Author: Pat Brisson
  • Genre: Mainstream
  • Tags: Kids: Children's
  • Publisher: Boyds Mills Press
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Bravery has many meanings. Jerome’s mom is a sailor. When her ship is in home port, she and Jerome bake cookies, read books together, and take their dog, Duffy, for walks. When his mom’s ship goes to sea, she gives Jerome a hug and says, “Be brave, Jerome. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Jerome doesn’t feel brave at all. But he does what he needs to do every day—goes to school, helps his dad with chores, and takes care of Duffy. Then one day he learns that bravery means something very different than he thought it did. Pat Brisson’s endearing story, lovingly illustrated by France Brassard, shows how a Navy family adjusts to life while mom is serving at sea.