Author: P. Kirby

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The Canvas Thief

The Canvas Thief
  • Number: 9781426893056
  • Release: 2012-01-09
  • Author: P. Kirby
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Speculative / PNR
  • Publisher: Carina Press
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Maya saw her first demon when she was seven. She learned to hide what she saw, ignore the paranormal beings around her and build an ordinary life. But she had to tell her secrets somehow, so she began drawing, creating her own world, her own characters.

Twenty years after that first demon entered her life, her normal existence is shattered when she's faced with two of her comic book characters come to life. Living in our world for years, each has his own agenda.

Benjamin Black, sexy thief with a cause, wants to get back to his own world. The world Maya thought she created. Only now he says she's his reason to stay in this one.

Adam Richards, once a cop, now a ruthless crime lord, wants to be immortal and he'll do anything, including hurting Maya's loved ones, to get what he wants.

The problem is, the men are inextricably linked through Maya's drawings. Ridding the world of Adam means Benjamin disappears from Maya's life forever...

The Music of Chaos

The Music of Chaos
  • Number: B004LLIX3A
  • Release: Out Now
  • Author: P. Kirby
  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
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Albuquerque, New Mexico is home to a small population of demons, fey, and vampires, who are mostly well-behaved and disinclined to start trouble.

That's why the Grey Brethren, a vampire syndicate, assign Regan O'Connell there. Regan is a Wolfe, a secret operative for the Brethren. Out-of-the-way Albuquerque is the perfect place for an operative whose diplomacy starts wars and who struggles with rudimentary magic.

But Regan attracts trouble like a black sweater invites white cat hair. First, a friend sets her up with tall, dark and sexy Jason Lake. Jason is a Holder, a member of an ancient order devoted to protecting mankind from things that go bump in the night; things like half-vampire Regan. And then there's the sudden population explosion of deranged Lesser vampires. Next, there's the murder of a prominent businessman and the murder weapon is outlawed, chaotic magic.

The Brethren issue an ultimatum: find the murderer or find a new job. And the deeper Regan digs into the mystery, the more Jason looks like her prime suspect. Except Regan is certain that Jason is neither a killer nor stupid enough to use a power that can rearrange the fabric of the universe. To prove his innocence and stay out of the unemployment line, Regan will have to tap into the ability she's long denied and find the order in chaos.

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