Author: Olivia Quincy

Olivia Quincy is an East Coast writer who, when she isn’t writing romance novels, works as a freelance journalist. She’s written a couple of non-fiction books and more magazine articles than she can count — under another name, of course.


My Lady's Pleasure

My Lady's Pleasure
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  • Number: 9780451230072
  • Release: 07/06/2010
  • Author: Olivia Quincy
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * Romance: Historical
  • Publisher: Penguin Group
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A fabulous debut novel of sensual suspense and one woman's erotic liberation in Victorian England. 
Lady Georgiana Vernon, daughter of the Earl of Eastley, and Jeremy Staunton, youngest son of a viscount, have an unconventional relationship-at least for the upper crust in 1895. They meet publicly as friends, and privately as lovers. It's an arrangement that allows Georgiana the sexual freedom she desires-and continues to indulge in-as a guest at Penfield, where the most sought-after names in the country gather for Lord Laughlin's annual masquerade ball. 
Then Georgiana initiates a torrid affair with the sexy landscape architect working at Penfield. She sees it as nothing more than a harmless but pleasurable indulgence. But when the relationship is discovered she becomes the target of increasingly malicious threats. During the night of the masquerade ball, these intimidations will come to a dangerous head, as the men in Georgiana's life reveal their own secret desires.