Author: Olive Peart

Olive Peart is the author of two young adult novels, Linked and The Intruders. In Linked, two boys were begging for help and unable to cope in a world filled with overwhelming family problems. One was black and the other was white and now they had switched! The Intruders tell of six teens from the Bronx as they time travel into the future and an adventure of a lifetime, until forced to take sides in a tribal battle.

Published non-fiction works include, Life After High School: Traits that Help & Traits that Hurt, The Dangers of Medical Radiation, Spanish for Professionals in Radiology, Lange Q & A Mammography Examination, Mammography and Breast Imaging - Just the Facts, and Mammography and Breast Imaging PREP: Program Review and Exam Prep.

Peart was the keynote speaker at Let's Get Ready Summer Career Day Kick-Off on July 30th.2011. The mission of Let's Get Ready is to expand college access for motivated, low-income high school students. As an established lecturer and writer, Peart gives lectures on mammography and other radiography-related topics at seminars throughout the United States and Canada and her articles appear regularly in radiological journals and newsmagazines. She writes technical query columns for Radiologic Technology - Journal of the American Society of Radiologic Technologist, she is an editor with Gannett Education and she is an editorial consultant and writer with RT Image Magazine.