Author: Nika Lubitsch

Nika Lubitsch lives in Berlin, Germany, and in Florida, USA. Having been rejected by all German publishers, "The 7th Day" was at the top of the bestselling list only one week after its publication at Kindle, surpassing even "Shades of Grey". The novel stayed number one in Germany for 100 days, making Nika Lubitsch the most successful KDP author of the year in 2012. The "Queen of E-Books", as a major German magazine dubbed her, again landed a number one hit in the Kindle charts with her second mystery "Das 5. Gebot" (The Fifth Commandment). A major production company has already bought the film rights. "The 7th Day" is currently translated by publishers throughout the world. "The 2nd Face" is Nika Lubitsch's second book in English.