Author: Nigel Osner

Nigel is a lyricist, writer, filmmaker and quirky actor/performer. He is even an artist when he gets round to it. The following pages take a gentle and enthusiastic look at these varying activities. 

Library - A Tale of Two Spinners
  • Number: B005GFM6RE
  • Release: 2011-08-07
  • Author: Nigel Osner
  • Genre: YA
  • Tags: * Young Adult, * Fantasy
  • Publisher: Independently Published
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Henry Prince is a nervous law student who lives in London. One summer he comes across a former school-friend, Rupert, now a spin doctor. Rupert shows Henry a fantasy world, which can be glimpsed through a website. This world contains all sorts of legendary heroes and villains, from human to everything else! Rupert swaps worlds with his look-alike, Rumpelstiltskin. Rupert tries to help some of legend's well known bad guys improve their image. Rumpelstiltskin offers the possibility of limitless gold to a Government minister. Henry, to his very great horror, finds himself transported to the world of legends. There he is known as a hero called Prince Henry and is expected to live up to his name! Ultimately the barrier between both worlds starts to break down, largely because of Rupert's meddling. Henry has to become a big enough hero to set up a new legend of his own, one strong enough to get the fantasy world back on course.

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