Author: Nicole Arlyn

I was born in Brooklyn NY. I started writing from as far back as I can remember. Scribbles of things, poems, feelings, thoughts, little fairy tales and diaries. I read all the time, from a very early age, romance novels mostly, classical novels, and any book I could get my hands on. I loved writing more than anything and the very first thing I ever thought I would be and do with my life, was to be an author. While living in Paris, where I wrote passionately everyday, I sometimes read my poems on the street, and I have also read my poems in poetry lounges both in Paris and New York (Cornelia Street and the Nuyoricans Poets Cafe) and in Los Angeles (Beyond Baroque).

I had my first play, The Holy Hooker, produced in Los Angeles to great reviews. The other plays I have written are called Broken Ribs, and Embrace of the Father. I have also written hundreds of poems in stream of consciousness and some short stories. As well as The Sugarspear Chronicles, I have also written another novel called, Gigi’s Room and am at work on another book in Rome, Italy and more fairy tales.

I live back and fourth between New York City and Rome, Italy.